The Latest Updates

In iOS, it's easy to add vellum wallpapers to your Apple Watch.  Vellum creates an album in your Photos App that can be synced to your watch.

  • This will link the Vellum Photo Album as your watches default album.
  • Open the Watch App.
  • Scroll down and select Photos.
  • Make sure Mirror my iPhone is selected and then choose "Synced Album"
  • Choose Vellum.

Changing Watch Wallpaper Through iPhone

  • After the album syncs (can take quite some time) select "Face Gallery" from the bottom navigation bar.
  • Scroll down to photos group.
  • Through this method, you can easily choose your most recent photos saved to the Vellum Album.
  • Tap on the watch face you'd like.
  • Customize how the time/date/complications are displayed.
  • Tap "Add" and the watch face will be added to your watch!

Changing the Watch Wallpaper Through the Apple Watch

  • Press the crown button and choose the photos app.
  • Use the watch crown to zoom in and out on your wallpapers.
  • Tap on wallpapers to zoom in closer.
  • Once you find the wallpaper you'd like to use, force touch until the "Create Watch Face" button appears.
  • Tap "Create Watch Face."
  • You can customize how your wallpaper is displayed on your watch face.
  • Force touch on the watch face and select customize.
  • Use the crown to zoom in on the wallpaper to customize position.
  • Tap on the checkmark.
  • Enjoy your new watch face!